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Understanding for OK to Board Status

  1. Payment Pending
    • If your payment is pending, it means the payment for your application has not been reflected.
    • If you've already made the payment, please wait for some time as it will be updated for your application.
    • If there's an issue, you may be eligible for a refund. Contact our support for further assistance.
  2. Under Review
    • If your status is 'Under Review,' your application is currently being assessed.
    • Please be patient while the necessary actions are taken to send your application to the respective airline for consideration.
  3. Under Process
    • 'Under Process' status indicates that your application has been forwarded to the respective airline.
    • The update will be processed within a specific timeframe, depending on the airline's working hours and their standard updation time.
  4. Updated
    • If your status shows 'Updated,' it means the 'OK to Board' has been successfully updated in your flight PNR.
    • You should receive a confirmation email regarding the updation. All necessary steps are completed.