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Apply Ok to Board application online

Apply for OK to Board Online

Apply for ok to board in easy steps

How to do Ok To Board Online?

Just as simple To update the ok to board for Indigo, Spicejet, Air Arabia, Air India Express, and more for your Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Bahrain, and dubai visas, you can apply directly with the airline or use our online services to Instant Updation in your PNR.

Here's an easy step-by-step guide:

  1. Fill in the Form with attaching files:

    Make sure you accurately fill out the online form and upload all required travel documents.

    Select the country of destination and the airline.

    When OKTB charges appears, just click the submit button if everything seems to be correct.

  2. Complete Your Application with making the Payment:

    After submiting the form, make the necessary payment for your application.

    Once paid, your application will be sent to the respective airline automatically.

    If you paid and there was a server error your payment was Failed. Please be patience while we update the status. If you are submitting an urgent application, email your payment slip to [email protected], or call us.

  3. Wait for email confirmation of the OKTB approval

    ZiyaTrip Holidays will send you a confirmation email as soon as the airline verifies your visa for the UAE, Oman, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, or Qatar and your flight PNR has UPDATED with the 'Ok To Board' message.

    You can Check Current Status of your application using PNR and Passport Number.

Our online application process is easy to use, so you can simplify your travel plans. I hope your trip will be easy and enjoyable!

Terms and Conditions for Ok to Board:

  1. Getting the Service:
    • When you use our Ok to Board service, you agree to follow these simple rules. This service helps you get approval from airlines to board your flight.
  2. Payment and Application Completion:
    • To ensure your Ok to Board request is considered complete and applied, payment must be made in full. Failure to submit payment will result in your application being considered incomplete and not processed. Make sure to complete the payment to avoid any disruptions to your application.
  3. Urgent Requests:
    • If you ask for Ok to Board less than 24 hours before your Fly Dubai or Vistara Air flight, there might be extra fees. If it's less than 12 hours, we can't promise it'll be updated in time.
  4. When We Process Your Request:
    • If you submit your application during working hours, it will be processed according to the standard processing time. However, if you submit it on a Sunday or during non-working hours, there will be additional charges.
    • Please note that submissions made at night will not be counted as falling within the less-than-24-hours or less-than-12-hours categories. The processing clock will start during the next working hours.
  5. Staying in Touch:
    • Give us the right info so we can contact you about your application request.
  6. Refund Policy:
    • Once your application is forwarded to the airlines and processed, we are unable to provide refunds.
    • In case your request cannot be processed by the airlines due to insufficient time, a partial refund may be considered.
  7. Not Our Fault:
    • For Air Arabia, if you have added any extras like baggage or meals, ok to board message become invalid in case of rescheduling. You will need to re-request for updation, and charges apply, similar to submitting a new application.
    • For all Airlines, In case of flight rescheduling or related issues, we are not responsible. If your flight is rescheduled, you must update your information again, as the previous details will not remain valid.
  8. Changes to the Rules:
    • Sometimes we might need to change these rules. If we do, we'll tell you about it.

By using our Ok to Board service, you're saying you understand and agree to these rules.