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Fly Dubai OK TO BOARD Update

Flydubai's Ok to Board (OTB) Approval for Indian

When planning your journey with Flydubai as an Indian traveler departing from Delhi, it's crucial to comprehend the concept of Ok to Board (OTB) approval. This article outlines the requirements and process, making your travel preparations a breeze.

Fly Dubai Ok To Board Mandatory for :

1. For Indian citizens departing from Delhi, Flydubai requires Ok to Board (OTB) approval.

2. Ok to Board (OTB) is essential if you have a paper visa (not stamped on passport) or electronic visa.

3. Tourist/visit visa: ok to board (OTB) required for ECR passports only.

4. Employment/residence eVisa: ok to board (OTB) required regardless of passport type.

Fly Dubai Ok to board not Required for :

1. Stamped visa/valid Emirates ID: No ok to board (OTB) required.

2. ECNR (immigration check not required) Passport Holders ok to board (OTB) is not required.

Pro Tips:

1. Ensure you've booked a return ticket when traveling on a tourist or visit visa before applying an ok to borad application

2. Apply for ok to board (OTB) approval before checking in online.

3. If you change your flight date, obtain a new ok to board (OTB) approval.

How to Apply for OK TO BOARD Fly Dubai Online

Apply online at our website for fast process or you can process at any fly dubai shop or travel partner.

How to Check Ok to Board for Fly Dubai Online

To check your Ok to Board status online, follow these steps:

1. Visit the ZiyaTrip Holidays website.

2. Go to the "OKTB" section and choose "check status".

3. Enter your application reference and Passport Number.

4. Look for the Ok to Board status click on "Check".

Your current status will be shown.

Fly Dubai Ok to Board Charges Country wise

Airline List (Country)
Ok To Board Charges
Documents Required
Air Fly Dubai (UAE)
eVisa Copy, Passport front & Last Page & Air Ticket copy & Return Ticket copy
Air Fly Dubai (Oman)
eVisa Copy, Passport front & Last Page & Air Ticket copy & Return Ticket copy